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    We feel that ideal treatment and optimum results are based on a mutual understanding of your special problems and requirements. Consistent with this is the need for you to know in advance of treatment what financial obligations you are undertaking. Accordingly, we have prepared the following information to acquaint you with our policy regarding dental insurance.

Our fees for services are the same for all patients, whether or not you have dental insurance. There is great variety in the types of dental insurance coverages offered to the public. The various programs cover a wide range of benefits. Your particular insurance company may base its allowances on a fee schedule that may or may not coincide with our office fees.

It is important to remember that your financial commitment for periodontal and/or other orthodontic treatment is between you and this office and is not dependent upon insurance coverage.

If you have any questions regarding dollar disbursement or what your plan will consider as a covered charge, you must refer these questions to your insurance agent. Our Patient Coordinator will assist you to the extent that it is possible. This office can only handle the paper work for you. We are not and can not be responsible for the structuring of your insurance plan. This is an agreement between your employer and the insurance carrier.

As a courtesy to our patients, we will complete and file insurance forms relative to your periodontal treatment. However, our professional services are rendered to you, not the insurance company. Therefore, you are directly responsible to us for the obligation of payment for treatment.

All patients, with or without insurance, receive a monthly statement. Financial arrangements should be made with our office prior to the commencement of treatment to prevent any misunderstanding in regards to your payment schedule or to prevent interruption of treatment.

Patients who are insured by Insurance Companies where we participating will be billed according to their respective guidelines.
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